Ads consume 20% of network bandwidth.

Sphere reduces ad data for networks with zero installation.
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Sphere Ad Optimizer

Sphere pays sites to reduce the most data-intensive ads to boost network performance, reduce data costs, and enhance user browsing.

How it Works

Enable IPs

Sphere operates independently of your network. Low integration and built to carrier scale.

User Detected

Sphere detects a user when they access a website. 95% coverage on ad-supported sites.


Sphere instantly compensates websites to replace ads without any latency delay.


Increase Network Capacity

Augment bandwidth opportunities & optimize network resources at any scale.

Data Savings

Reduce ad traffic coming across the network to decrease data serving costs without any need for system integration.

Customer-Centric Differentiation

Comprehensively enhance user's browsing experience across devices: faster page loads, fewer content disruption from ads, less data consumption.


Meet Our Team

Kyle Buckingham

Software Engineer

Alexandra Taylor

Former Advertiser