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Our Products


Custom DNS server deployed on routers. Requires no firmware upgrades. Certified for enterprise.


Universal payment system that removes ads before they happen. Works seamlessly across all websites.

How it Works

Update routers with DnsBlockTM

Blocks DNS queries to malware and bad ad domains.

Enable IPs in PayBlockTM

PayBlock operates independently of your network. Conforms to Net Neutrality.


Improved customer experience

Ads not only create a disruptive and annoying online experience, but they are commonly embedded with scams and malware. Sphere products works on all user devices, bypasses ad block detectors, and removes deceptive ads to create a better, safer, and faster internet for users.

Network differentiator

Networks integrated with Sphere see improved results in retention and customer acquisition. While ads are overtly irritating, their underlying effects, such as prolonged page load times, increased data consumption, and privacy issues, are significant. These inconspicuous elements frequently lead to perceptions of subpar network performance.

By leveraging Sphere, networks not only enhance customer satisfaction but also open new revenue channels by tailoring data plans according to user preferences.

Bandwidth savings for networks and their customers

A single video ad can consume anywhere from 2MB to 60MB of data. It's estimated that digital ads account for a staggering 10% to 20% of total internet traffic. By utilizing PayBlock to remove ads, networks can boost their efficiency and reduce associated bandwidth costs.


Meet Our Team

Kyle Buckingham

Software Engineer

Alexandra Taylor

Former Advertiser

Mahbub Murshed

Software Engineer